Support Us

Support Us PACD needs your help. Here are some ways you can help support the PACD:
  • Contribute to the PACD Endowment Fund;
  • Contribute to the Capital Fund and help eliminate the PACD’s mortgage;
  • Become an affiliate member;
  • Contribute to the Auxiliary Scholarship Fund;
  • Become a meeting sponsor;
  • Contribute an item to the annual Silent Auction; or
  • Sponsor an award;
If you are unable to make a monetary donation, search we welcome your donation of time or expertise. Here are some other ways you can support the PACD:
  • Volunteer your time to help out at the PACD office;
  • Help with fundraising projects;
  • Donate your expertise (are you a scientist, an accountant, an engineer, or a talented writer?); or
  • Volunteer to help at a PACD meeting or conference.
Contact Us to find out more.