You can improve the environment by getting involved with your local conservation district. Ask your local conservation district how you can help. Here are some things you could do:

  • Visit your local conservation district office to meet the staff and ask how you can help;
  • Attend a local conservation district board meeting to meet and network with like-minded people in your community;
  • Get on your conservation district’s mailing list to obtain news and information;
  • Volunteer to help plant trees on the next project;
  • Volunteer to help out in the office;
  • Attend conferences, workshops and other educational events to learn more about conservation and the environment;
  • Volunteer for an advisory or other committee;
  • Ask for information about what partner conservation organizations are doing locally;
  • Ask about volunteer internship programs;
  • Visit your conservation district’s website;
  • Donate money to help fund a local conservation project or activity;
  • Volunteer to help with a tree, plant or fish sale;
  • Donate your expertise (are you a scientist, an accountant, an engineer, or a talented writer?);
  • Volunteer to help with the local Envirothon;
  • Support a youth to attend summer conservation camp;
  • Attend a conservation tour in your county;
  • Contact your County Commissioner or state legislator and ask them to increase support for your conservation district; and
  • Volunteer to serve as an Associate Director or Director on your local conservation district board.

Find Your Local Conservation District today and ask how you can help.