Water & Water Quality

The following resources are available from PACD except where noted as only available online. Click here to request a resource. Please note that exhibits are available only to Pennsylvania Conservation Districts.
Enviroscape Enviroscape Model® Format: Exhibit Audience: Students Description: Demonstrate how activities on land affect water. The model is a hands-on educational tool that turns concept into reality using a model landscape
coloringbook Good Neighbors Activity Book Format: Materials Audience: Students (elementary) Length: 16 PP Description: Water quality activity and coloring book
protectinggroundwater Protecting Groundwater is Everyone’s Business Format: Fact sheet Audience: General Length: 2 PP Description: Definition of groundwater; causes of pollution and how you can protect it
Sinkholes Sinkholes and Water Quality Format: Fact sheet Audience: Citizens Length: 1 page Description: Prevention of sinkhole and groundwater contamination
TestingAg Testing Drinking Water in Agricultural Areas Format: Fact sheet Audience: Citizens Length: 2 PP Description: Covers nitrates, bacteria, pesticides, total dissolved solids, pH
ColorPoster We All Live Downstream Coloring Poster Format: 8 1/2″ x 11″ poster Audience: Students (elementary) Length: 2 PP Description: The front side is a coloring page. The other side is question and answer