Pollution & Pollution Solutions

The following resources are available from PACD except where noted as only available online. Click here to request a resource. Please note that exhibits are available only to Pennsylvania Conservation Districts.
Ottercard Be Part of the Pollution Solution Format: Fact sheet Audience: Homeowners, citizens and students Length: 2 PP Description: List of water quality tips on a cut-out card with a picture of a river otter, otter facts on other side of card
GNTacklingNPS Good Neighbors -Tackling Nonpoint Source Pollution in Pennsylvania Format: Brochure Audience: General Length: 4 PP Description: Sources of nonpoint source pollution and what farmers, no rx developers, and citizens can do to prevent it
TackleNPS Team Up to Tackle NPS Pollution Format: Exhibit Audience: General Description: Sports-themed exhibit explaining the causes of NPS pollution (offense) and ways we can work as a team to reduce NPS pollution (defense).
geese Water Pollution Solutions: Canada Geese and Our Lakes and Ponds Format: Brochure Audience: General Length: 4 PP Description: Ways to manage Canada geese on your property
fertilizer Water Pollution Solutions: Fertilizers and Pesticides Format: Brochure Audience: General Length: 4 PP Description: How to prevent fertilizers and pesticides from causing water pollution
homeandyard Water Pollution Solutions: Home and Yard Format: Brochure Audience: Homeowners, citizens Length: 4 PP Description: Minimize the impacts your household has on lakes, ponds, and streams in your watershed
septic Water Pollution Solutions: Septic Systems Format: Brochure Audience: Homeowners Length: 4 PP Description: Understanding, operating, and maintaining your septic system to protect water quality in your watershed
buffer Water Pollution Solutions: Shoreline Buffer Strips Format: Brochure Audience: Landowners Length: 4 PP Description: Benefits of a naturally-vegetated buffer strip along the edge of a stream, pond, or wetland
Otterexhibit W-Otter Pollution Solutions Format: Exhibit Audience: General Description: Reinforces that clean water is important to animals and humans, Provides practical solutions to water pollution