The following resources are available from PACD except where noted as only available online. Click here to request a resource. Please note that exhibits are available only to Pennsylvania Conservation Districts.
FarmASystExhibit Farm*A*Syst Format: Exhibit Audience: Farmers, General Agriculture Description: Table-top display encourages farmers to self-evaluate areas on their farm that could contaminate their well water and drinking supply
SBF Fencing for the Future Format: Exhibit Audience: Farmers Description: Highlights advantages of Streambank Fencing
NMExhibit Nutrient Management Can Be E-E-Easy Format: Exhibit Audience: Farmers Description: Focuses on the three E’s of Nutrient Management: Economic, Efficiency and the Environment. The display also has an optional panel outlining a 10-step plan for developing a nutrient management plan
Photo of the Nutrient Trading display Nutrient Trading is a Win-Win for Everyone Format: Exhibit Audience: Farmers Description: Describes who can benefit from nutrient trading and how your local conservation district can help.
blairvideo On the Field, in the Barnyard, by the Stream (Part 1 | Part 2) Format: Online video Audience: Farmers Length: Part 1: 9 1/2 minutes; Part 2: 9 minutes Description: A video on Pennsylvania regulations (Chapter 102 and 91) to keep the environment, mainly steams, safe from agricultural related problems. Brought to you by the Blair County Conservation District.
PEACCE PA Environmental and Agricultural Conservation Certification of Excellence (PEACCE) Format: Exhibit Audience: Farmers Description: The PEACCE program aims to promote the use of agricultural practices that enhance responsible environmental stewardship
FarmASyst Pennsylvania Farmstead Assessment System (Farm*A*Syst) Only available online Format: Brochure Audience: Farmers Length: 2 pp Description: Describes voluntary farm evaluation that can be used to affirm that the farm is being managed in an environmentally sensitive way
FarmWater Protecting Your Farm’s Groundwater Quality Format: Fact sheet Audience: Farmers Length: 2 PP Description: How to prevent pollution in your water supply
No-TillExhibit Say Yes to Improved Farming and a Healthier Environment, Adopt No-Till Format: Exhibit Audience: Farmers Description: Explains the benefits of no-till and how to get started
no-tillfactsheet Say Yes to More Efficient Farming and a Healthier Environment – Adopt No-till Only available online Format: Fact sheet Audience: Farmers Length: 2 PP Description: All about no-till farming. Question and answer format.
SprayerRinse Sprayer Rinse Program Format: Exhibit Audience: Farmers Description: Encourages farmers to install a cleaning system on their pesticide sprayers, to save time and protect water qualityCan be used with fact sheets available from PSU Cooperative Extension: Pesticide Safety.