Chesapeake Bay

The following resources are available from PACD except where noted as only available online. Click here to request a resource. Please note that exhibits are available only to Pennsylvania Conservation Districts.

Chesapeake Bay: The Twilight Estuary
Format: Film/video
Audience: Citizens
Length: 30 minutes
Description: Good introduction to ecology of the Bay and its decline
The Future of the Bay Lies in Everyone’s Hands. Are You Ready to Help?
Format: Exhibit
Audience: General
Description: Provides tips for preventing toxics, nutrients, and soils from eroding into waterways. Also provides descriptions of these specific types of pollution and the link between Pennsylvania and the Chesapeake Bay
It’s Happening Today on the Chesapeake Bay
Format: Video
Audience: Students
Length: 53 minutes
Description: Games, music, and skits that teach children about the Chesapeake Bay
Keystone in the Cleanup
Format: Fact sheet
Audience: General
Length: 2 PP
Description: Introduction to PA Chesapeake Bay Program
The Pennsylvania Chesapeake Bay Program
Format: Exhibit
Audience: General
Description: Promotes the Pennsylvania Chesapeake Bay Program and the “We All Live Downstream” theme. Explains that PA is the “lifeline” of the Bay and that the Chesapeake serves as a good indicator of water quality in PA