Potter County Holds Legislative Luncheon

(Left to right): Front row: Brenda Shambaugh (PACD), Alexander Veto (Dirt & Gravel Roads Project Specialist), Berty Kurtz (Administrative Assistant), Representative Martin Causer, Susan Kefover (Commissioner), Rob Thompson (Agricultural Technician). Back row: Earl Brown (District Chairman), Representative Matthew Baker, Chuck Dillon (Field Representative for Senator Joe Scarnati’s Office), Jason Childs (District Manager), Jared Dickerson (Watershed Specialist), and Glenn Dunn II (Resource Conservationist).

On March 3, 2017, PACD Executive Director Brenda Shambaugh traveled to Potter County for the Potter County Conservation District’s Legislative Luncheon. In addition to featuring several local dirt and gravel road, educational, farmland preservation, and erosion projects, other topics of discussion included the 2017-2018 state budget projections, the importance of partnerships, and the district’s role in the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay.



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