PracticeKeeper Licenses Available to All Conservation Districts

WorldView is proud to announce the release of the newest version of PracticeKeeper, a cloud-hosted land and water resource planning software platform, to all conservation districts across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The platform includes modules for tracking and reporting for data related to best management practices, conservation plans, nutrient management plans, watershed management, and complaints.

Features of PracticeKeeper include web-based mapping tools, reporting, and document management capabilities. PracticeKeeper is designed to provide standardization of data recording at the state level but also allows for flexibility at the district level to meet specific needs.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) has also contracted with WorldView to build a new module that will be used to report Agricultural Initial Inspections. Work is currently underway on this new module, which will be released during the Fall of 2017. PA DEP and WorldView are also committed to making continual improvements and enhancements to PracticeKeeper as all district staff begin using the application and providing feedback.

PA DEP has contracted with WorldView to provide licenses to all conservation districts, so please contact Steve Taglang for more information about the necessary steps to access the application.

For more information about PracticeKeeper, visit or

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