Thirty-Four Conservation Districts Participate in Manure Mini-grant Program

Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS. 

Mini-grants were available to all 66 conservation districts to hold local Manure Management Manual and Chapter 102 Compliance seminars/work sessions and one-on-one assistance on a first-come, first-served basis. These sessions assisted farmers in understanding manure management requirements and led to the development of a complete manure management and/or agricultural erosion and sedimentation plan.

Thirty-four conservation districts completed projects. Nineteen full-day and thirty-five half-day workshops were completed.

Additional outcomes include:

Farmers reached: 1,526

Manure management plans developed: 265

Acres covered in the manure plans cover: 2,4628.70

Ag E&S plans developed: 43

Acres covered in the Ag E&S plans:  3,285.50

Click here for the program webpage.

Financial support for this project is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection through the Chesapeake Bay Implementation Grant, the Clean Water Fund and the Chesapeake Bay Regulatory and Accountability Program (CBRAP).

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