Allegheny County Conservation District’s Amy Miller Receives PAEE Award

Photo courtesy of PAEE.

Congratulations to Amy Miller, Watershed Specialist with the Allegheny County Conservation District, for winning the Government Partner Award from the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators (PAEE)! 

The Government Partner Award recognizes a government official who serves on a local, state, or national level and has demonstrated significant support for environmental education within the Commonwealth of PA.

​Amy Miller has worked at the Allegheny County Conservation District as the Watershed Specialist for over ten years. Community engagement is a big part of her job as a watershed specialist at the district, where she conducts public outreach on various topics related to streams and watershed ecology. Also, she helps with student programming at both the Fern Hollow Nature Center and Creek Connections. These opportunities allow her to show students of all ages the awesomeness of the outside world. They have also taught her a lot about teaching by working with some wonderful educators. She hopes to continue learning and sharing her outdoor experiences with others.

Click here to read more about Amy and the other award recipients.

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