Beaver County Conservation District Cleans Up Trash and Collects Tires

BCCD staff and directors cleaned up trash along the roadside on earth day. Photo provided by BCCD.

Adopt A Highway

This spring, the Beaver County Conservation District (BCCD) adopted a stretch of State Route 151 in Independence Township. The PA Department of Transportation runs the Adopt A Highway Program to beautify our roads. Twice a year, roadside litter is cleaned up by the organization that adopted the highway. On Earth Day, April 22, 2021, BCCD  staff and directors conducted their first clean-up! The district picked up forty bags of trash, some more oversized items, and a few tires along the roadside. These efforts will improve the look of the road. More importantly, this clean-up will prevent all that trash from ending up in Raccoon Creek or its tributaries which flow along the roadside. 

Tire Collection

The Beaver County Conservation District’s (BCCD) West Nile program conducted its first tire collection event this May. BCCD was awarded money through the DEP West Nile grant to offer mosquito habitat reduction and public outreach through the collection of tires from residents of Beaver County.

The district collected over 1,150 tires during the collection event. With the help of the grant, BCCD lowered the cost for residents by offering a discount price per tire for the first 600 tires collected. The event was a tremendous success. The 600-tire limit for the discount was met on the first day of the collection!

This year the district accepted light truck and car tires up to 20″ off rim. BCCD collaborated with a tire facility that recycles the tires. The district made information available describing the methods of recycling and products made from the recycled rubber. They distributed mosquito dunks for standing water at residents’ homes with information about West Nile Virus, mosquito habitat, and protection from mosquitoes, and offered mosquito activity books for kids. BCCD is so pleased with this year’s event and hopes to expand the event to additional tire types next year.

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