New Phone Numbers for PACD Harrisburg Staff

The PACD staff in the Harrisburg office updated their phone system. With the new system, staff each got a direct line. The main number (717) 238-7223 will still work, but it will take callers to an automated menu to select the extension they want.

If you want to dial a staff person directly, please use these numbers:

Brenda Shambaugh – 717-794-6103

Amy Brown – 717-794-6104

Holly Miller – 717-794-6105

Nick Yeagy – 717-794-6106

Diane Young – 717-794-6109

Molly Burns – 717-794-6110

Matt Miller – 717-794-6111

Shannon Wehinger – 717-794-6112

If callers use the main number, staff can be reached at their three-digit extension, which is the last three numbers of their direct line. Brenda’s extension is x103; Matt’s is x111, etc.

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