Berks Workshop: How to Get Through Completeness Without Really Trying

Jason Rickards, Urban Resource Conservationist with the Berks County Conservation District, speaks to attendees about dam safety and waterway management during the recent workshop held at the Berks County Agricultural Building. Photo provided by Berks County Conservation District.

On Thursday, November 4, 2021, the Berks County Conservation District hosted a workshop for consultants submitting NPDES applications to the District entitled; “How to Get Through Completeness Without Really Trying.”

The workshop was held in the auditorium of the Berks County Agriculture Center. An overwhelming response from the public created the need to develop two sessions.  Almost eighty members of the regulated public attended. The five members of the District’s Urban Team presented the history of the regulations and related laws; common mistakes when completing the District’s application form and calculating fees; NPDES completeness issues and concerns; Non-NPDES application commons problems; and Chapter 105 submissions and concerns.

The above issues prevent applications from moving efficiently through the process and to the Technical Project Review. Thus, delaying approval and the start of construction. All presentations were received well by the attendees, who appreciated the guidance to keep their project moving through the system.

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