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Lunch & Learn Webinars Scheduled for November

The 2022 Fall Leadership Webinar Series is scheduled for November and includes lunch & learn opportunities for district staff and directors.

The Tech Roundtable series is an opportunity for district personnel to share, discuss, and learn about technology-related topics relevant to conservation district work. The fall meeting on Wednesday, November 2, from Noon – 12:45 p.m. will continue focusing on digital media tools, techniques, and planning for districts involved with DIY content production.

There will be a CliftonStrengths for Managers Debrief meeting on Wednesday, November 9, from Noon – 12:45 p.m., where management staff will share how they are using their new understanding of CliftonStrengths to manage their teams, and discuss options and ideas for team-building events for district staff in 2023.

Directors and associate directors are particularly encouraged to tune in for the Building Blocks of Trust presentation on Wednesday, November 16, from Noon – 1:00 pm. River Network and the WaterNow Alliance are nonprofit groups working together to improve water quality nationally. They have partnered to develop a set of best practices for establishing and maintaining the trust-based partnerships critical to protecting our waters and achieving sustainable water systems. To gain a more complete understanding of what is needed to build lasting trust between community organizations and local water leaders, they partnered on the Building Blocks of Trust study. They focused on answering three questions: What is required to create these partnerships, under what circumstances do they succeed and flourish, and how can we seed more of them? April Ingle, Policy Director for River Network, will share what was learned from their study of successful partnerships and how we can use these lessons to catalyze even more vital partnerships for healthier rivers and communities.

The Fall Leadership series is open to all district and partner personnel – visit Building for Tomorrow to register.

Financial and other support for the Building for Tomorrow Leadership Development Program is provided through a grant from the Pennsylvania State Conservation Commission. Guidance for the Program is provided through the Pennsylvania Conservation Partnership’s Leadership Development Committee.