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Undeniable Commitment to the Environment: Conservation Districts Make a Difference in YOUR Community

Conservation Districts provide the expertise needed by local and county governments to ensure that Pennsylvania’s resources are not just protected, but properly conserved for future generations. The role of protecting Pennsylvania’s environment and natural resources by the County Conservation Districts has significantly expanded with the increase in activity in the Marcellus Shale formation, while dedicated funding and support has decreased. The massive exploration and development of natural gas, while positive for our economy and livelihood, can also be detrimental to our environment without the proper support. The Districts are in a unique position within our communities. They have access to the information and government officials that are needed for local environmental protection. They are in need of the resources to continue the great work done every day in regions throughout the state, in addition to the increased workload created from the Marcellus Shale development. But don’t take our word for it, hear it from the hardworking men and women who work to make a difference in your community and protect the environment every day. Recently, Mike Lovegreen from the Bradford County Conservation District discussed how his District has been on the front lines of the Marcellus Shale development. Lovegreen described how the District’s local knowledge protected a high-quality wetland saying:

An oil and gas company proposed laying a gas line and asked the Bradford Conservation District for help identifying the wetland boundary. The District’s investigation and prior understanding found that the location of the proposed line would have run under a sizable, high-quality wetland. Instead of disturbing the water resource, the District negotiated with a local farmer, already familiar with the District and its staff, to run the line across an agricultural field. The farmer, reluctant to speak with the oil and gas company, welcomed the District and its ideas to create a positive experience that benefitted all involved, but most importantly, protected one of our county’s natural resources.

I’d call that a win – win – win. This is just one good example of how a relationship between a natural resource related industry and a local Conservation District benefits the entire community. The trust our communities have in the Districts, coupled with our local expertise can be utilized to ensure that the future of our environment thrives, along with our economy.

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