Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts

We support Pennsylvania’s Conservation Districts who work for clean water and healthy soil every day.

Endowment Fund

Click here for the Endowment Fund Contribution Form (PDF) Q. What is the PACD Endowment Fund? A. The PACD Endowment Fund is a special fund held in trust in perpetuity to assist PACD in accomplishing its mission. Q. How can I contribute to the Endowment Fund? A. There are many ways to make a donation to the PACD Endowment Fund. The PACD will accept donations by check, VISA, or donations of financial instruments such as stocks or bonds. Q. Is the Endowment Fund just for memorial gifts? A. No. Although the Endowment Fund is an excellent way to remember a loved one or a member of the conservation partnership, such as a conservation district official, conservation district staff or other person, the Endowment Fund can be used for many other occasions. Q. What are some of the other occasions that would be appropriate to recognize with a donation? A. Just about any occasion can be appropriate. For example, a donation could be used to celebrate any significant event in a person’s life such as birthday, graduation, retirement, anniversary, or job promotion. Q. How will someone know I made a donation in their honor or in memory of their loved one? A. The PACD will send a note, if requested, to the person of your choice. Q. Can I include the PACD Endowment Fund in my will? A. Yes, ask your estate planner to include the PACD Endowment Fund in your will. Q. Is my contribution tax deductible? A. Yes your contribution is tax deductible because the PACD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Q. Will you send me a receipt for my contribution? A. Yes, all donations are acknowledged with a receipt. Q. Can a conservation district contribute to the Endowment Fund? A. Yes, a conservation district may make a donation to the Endowment Fund. Q. What occasions could a conservation district recognize with a donation? A. A conservation district could make a donation to commemorate the conservation district’s anniversary or any other district event that it chooses. Q. Is there a form I should use to make a contribution? A. There is a form available to make a donation. Click here for the PACD Endowment Fund contribution form. There is also a special envelope if you prefer this method. You can obtain an envelope by calling the PACD office at 717-238-PACD.